Why Does My Water Taste Salty?

Clients Have Asked: “Why does my water tastes salty?”


(Regular Faucet – The RO system water should never taste salty!)

We constantly strive to keep you up to date on issues that can help you understand your water system! We are committed to being there for you! Much of the information shared comes from years of constant training and working with real professionals in the water industry! You would be surprised how much information is out there regarding water filtration and its processes! 

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Although there can be several reasons it is basically this…

The system is getting too much salt and it is not rinsing out during the full cleaning or regeneration cycle.One client was adding to much salt then extra water to the brine tank to insure that the salt was always below the water line.

Another client felt there was never enough water in the brine tank so he added more! and on some systems the float assembly has failed! or the internal controller settings are off!

Your Purity Bay system is designed to fill itself automatically and only to a specific level! 

No Need to Add More Water!

In the explanation we give our clients we may have given the wrong impression as to the salt level and water…  


 Dennis pic of stainless tank 013

Purity Bay’s
New Generation 10 Stage System.

Salt Bridge 

Salt or Potassium if it is used can become hard like a rock if you fill the tank too much and if the material is constantly filled too high above the water line. This is called Bridging! If a salt or potassium bridge occurs your system could stop getting cleaned or regenerated because there is an open or void area below the bridge…. To avoid that condition, we suggest don’t add too much salt or potassium to the tank.

Our Mistake was to say “if you happen to over fill with salt put in bit of water to just above the salt!”… The purpose was not clear apparently as to NOT CREATING A CONDITION WHERE BRIDGING COULD OCCUR!

Some clients as a habit were adding too much salt then adding water! This could create over salting in the cleaning cycle and leave a bit of salt in the water so that a salt taste was noticed!

So here is the MORE proper information:

Your PURITY BAY system fills itself with a specific amount of water to insure only the proper amount of salt for the regeneration or cleaning! This level is set at the control panel when your unit is installed. And checked for proper settings during services.

The level of salt should be kept at about 1/3 of the tank and no higher! We usually put a mark on that tank to give you an idea.

Don’t worry about adding more water if adding salt brings the level above the 1/3 mark so long as you don’t make it a habit of filling more than the recommended 1/3 of a tank (approximate level). 

If your brine tank is automatically filling itself up with too much water call for service!