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Water Softener and Water Filtration System Sales & Service done and Guaranteed by Factory Trained, Honest, Reliable, Professional Technicians!  

We know water systems! Years of field experience and constant training from some of Americas most advanced water treatment, component makers gives us the advantage that ensures your system will be working at peak performance.

We don’t just replace parts. We make sure that the parts are functioning correctly and that the control heads, are properly set for the water you have coming into your home.


Let me start by saying that many business sell you a product and after all transaction are finish and they are paid, you don’t hear from them anymore. The Good Water Guy is different, once you buy from them they become part of your life. I had my water softener installed in January 17, 2011 and anytime we had have an issue with it they always been there to corrected.
Mr. Dennis O’Brian has always answered my calls whether he is on the job, home resting or out of town. The last time I had an issue that the water didn’t feel good Mr. Dennis himself came over test the water which determine thar we had hard water, so the system was not working, He replace a part and told me thar he will be back within couples of days. Mr. Dennis came back and test the water and it was still hard water. There he told me that he will have to send a crew to flush the tank.
On Friday 17 Apr 20 ( which was my birthday) Mr. Dennis gave me the soft water back as a gift. He sent Kevin, for only having 2 months with the company, he was very knowledgeable about the system. They flushed the system and while Kevin was placing the new chemical into the tank he was explaining what each chemical was, what they were for and how thenchemical work together to give us the good water.
If you thinking about installing a water softener in your house I highly recommend The Good Water Guy. Thank you Dennis for being who you are and thank you Kevin and Rene, me, my wife and one of our granddaughter enjoyed your company.

Posted By: Roberto Rolon El Paso,Texas

Excellent work! They came in and installed a fountain in my sink and a water tank in my garage. Very professional, nice and answered all the questions and concerns I had.
Thank you Dennis and your crew!!

Christopher Lloyd  a month ago – Google Review 5 Star Google Review of SleepSomatics — Austin's Top-Rated Sleep Lab


I need to say: I appreciate The Good Water Guy and their dedication to their clients. They don’t just treat us like customers, feels more like family. When we have issues, they are on top of it and getting things situated and fixed. It is a good feeling to know that even when you call at 8 at night with a leak issue, they will be right on over to fix the issue. That is exactly what happened in our situation. The Good Water Guy did not only meet our expectations, this company has exceeded our expectations. We have had a few horrible experiences with other companies and put doubt in my mind. After experiencing the support received from the Good Water Guy, I recommend them to EVERYONE! This was our first experience in getting a water softening system and did not know what to do. Purity Bay was the company that walked with us through the process and we were sold on the system we have. Without them, we would not have found The Good Water Guy company. I have to say we are enjoying our water system and the drinking system is on point.

Lorraine Delgado. 2 months ago– Google Review 5 Star Google Review of SleepSomatics — Austin's Top-Rated Sleep Lab 


I have to start out by saying it has been a long while since my wife and myself have felt a business has been dedicated to their clients. We purchased our water softening system through Purity Bay (works along side the Good Water Guy Company) and since then, we have been extremely satisfied with every encounter we’ve had with every person we have come in contact with. Dennis has such compassion and respect. Lisa, she is just as amazing. She was one person who made sure everything was going as planned. When we got the drinking system installed, not too long after we left the house. We came back to the house with water leaking from the water tank under the sink. We did not know what to do so we called the number left in our welcome book and Dennis answered. He did not hesitate, he did not wait it out, he came right over to fix the issue we were having. Things like this don’t always happen, unfortunately for us it did. My wife felt terrible for having to call because it was almost 830 at night. Not only did Dennis reassure my wife of not worrying about the drive, having to fix the minor issue we had, but explained no matter what he will make sure we are taken care of. WE feel grateful to have found a company such as The Good Water Guy and the amazing people who are within the business. Just to be sure you all know, our water tastes amazing and the softening system is helping with our sensitivity to our skin. My wife is excited she will be able to stop buying water bottles because of our new drinking system. I highly recommend The Good Water Guy and the services they offer. They treat us like family and that is another thing that is appreciated. Thank YOU!

Johan Delgado 2 months ago– Google Review 5 Star Google Review of SleepSomatics — Austin's Top-Rated Sleep Lab 


I had our home water system installed by Dennis and his team and they did an outstanding job!! He walked us through every step of the process from the beginning to installation and truly cares about his clients. He went above and beyond in so many areas and am so happy that we went with The Good Water Guys of El Paso. I highly recommend them to everyone wanting amazing healthy water in their life!

Agent Kyle P. Lambert 3 months ago– Google Review 5 Star Google Review of SleepSomatics — Austin's Top-Rated Sleep Lab 


Spoke with Dennis on a Sunday asking questions regarding a Reverse Osmosis faucet replacement. Even though the store was closed, Dennis ensured that I was able to purchase the correct part from a competing store. His employees were incredibly kind and even gave me some tips on how to maintain my RO system. Hands down, the only business I will be utilizing and will recommend to everyone I know regarding improving their water quality of life.

greg tidwell 3 months ago– Google Review 5 Star Google Review of SleepSomatics — Austin's Top-Rated Sleep Lab 


I’ve known Dennis for over 30 years and ALWAYS have known him to be a quality guy … I knew I could trust him in this very much needed, important endeavor … having suffered head injury and reality in my home to be the heavy contamination in water, and having clean water to be of utmost priority … without doubt Dennis was my choice in this effort …and has already proven to be the correct one … he’s gone over and above accommodating me and my needs as he has … his standards speak for themselves … and I’m in the Santa Fe area😊

Thank you much Dennis!

Jacqueline Sanchez 5 months ago– Google Review 5 Star Google Review of SleepSomatics — Austin's Top-Rated Sleep Lab 


Dennis 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Owner
Bobby🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Installer/Service Tech
Lisa🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Office/Runs the show
I could not be more satisfied with my system plus the new install of the Alkaline filters. The systems they provide are the best on the market, do your research and you will see. 👍

Robert Moreno 6 months ago–  Google Review 5 Star Google Review of SleepSomatics — Austin's Top-Rated Sleep Lab 

My father has built houses for over 40 years and he has assured me that a water processor is an
essential addition to a healthy home (and it adds to the resale value). I know for a fact that we made the right decision when we purchased our Purity Bay water processor. My only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner.
Posted By: Gary A.
El Paso –West Side Resident, El Paso Texas
Our Purity Bay system has not only virtually eliminated my wife’s skin condition, but is also saving us money and will continue to save us money for years to come. In addition to all of this, the coffees and teas that my wife and our guests drink taste much better. And finally, my dog Daisy thanks you.
She went from a bowl of water a day to 3 or 4 bowls of water a day. Again, I must thank you once more for this incredible system”
Posted By: Jason L
El Paso East Side Resident, El Paso Texas
BEST SHOWER I have ever had!
Posted By: Dr. Jose – West Side
West Side Resident, El Paso Texas
I can’t believe the savings! I have only had my system for 2 days and I can already tell the difference in my budget
Posted By: JG
East-Side Resident, El Paso Te

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