To Alkaline or Not to Alkaline Water?

What's all the hype about Alkaline Water?

Over the last few years the subject has been constantly promoted and expensive devices are promoted to make Alkaline water. The benefits promoted are incredible! The Benefits claimed range from slowing the aging process to preventing disease, improve stamina, and prevent cancer. Let me quickly say that I am not a Doctor and I am not advocating more than information on the subject. I am opinionated and offer my opinion and some data.

What is Alkaline water?

 The basic definition is that it has a pH greater than 7. Since water is H20 and Hydrogen ions are acidic and hydroxyl (oxygen) ions are alkaline water pH will be influenced by the ion that is more abundant in the water. pH is defined as POTENTIAL of HYDROGEN. pH is measured on a scale from 0 to 14. 7 being in the middle or neutral. Pure water has a pH of 7.

What is an ion you ask? It is basically a Charged ATOM! Don’t ask what a charged atom is… it has to do with how many protons or electrons an atom has. If you have one more of either it will change the charge: Atoms are either positive – negative – neutral.

Water pH is basically a measuring of the difference in the charge of hydrogen ion in the water. pH 7 is a balance or neutral level of water charge. As you go from one end to the other you are going towards acid or alkaline. As an example Bleach has a pH of about 12.6 or very alkaline and Boric Acid has a pH of 5.0 or very acidic. Lemon Juice 2.4, Beer 4.1 to 4.6.

Now our stomach is naturally acidic, and when we eat our stomach pH can go as low as 1 -2 so that it can break down the foods we eat, while the fluids in the intestines need to be alkaline to prevent acid damage to the intestinal walls. And the Kidneys are what regulate the pH of the blood. Blood has a usual pH value of 7.365, with much debate existing as to whether or not that can be changed from the outside source such as water.

Some drinks like Coffee and Sodas are very acidic. The idea of changing water to more of an Alkaline state makes it ‘simpler’ and more beneficial because it has smaller clusters of minerals and it becomes more hydrating. Simpler is like making the water smaller so that it absorbs better.

The Discussion

What seems to be abundant in the discussion is that virus’s and other things like cancer cells can’t exist in an alkaline state.

That being said, who on earth would argue with something like eliminating or lowing the cause of illness or cancer? If that is the case, then I have an interest! If drinking Alkaline water will help, then I’m going to drink more of the Alkaline and less of the ACID fluids. Except for coffee of course because I enjoy my cup every morning!

I have read about as many pro alkaline articles as I have read negative articles. I tend to stay on the side that Alkaline is probably smarter than not! Too many cokes are bad for you would be one easy way of me taking a stand. 

I have also had many friends get great results and heal from strange conditions from changing their diets to a more alkaline type food and by drinking Alkaline water! So the subject has merit based on results.

My issue with Alkaline machines!

I got into the discussion and study of Alkaline water when a good friend of mine that also owns a Purity Bay system called me and was telling me of all the benefits he was getting from his new Alkaline Water maker! I have known him for many years and I value his judgement and trust his every word. 

What got me into the study of it was that he told me that he had to disconnect the RO system. That the RO water was considered bad for you and that the machine he had would not make Alkaline water if he used the RO water! This shocked me because I would never want to provide a product that was not good for the purchaser! 

The study was rewarding!

RO water is as close as you can get to RAIN water in terms of low particles in the water! Rain water has low TDS (total dissolved solids) and has a natural pH of 5.6 or so unless it is rainwater that has passed through smog then it becomes acidic as in Acid Rain or pH in the 4.0 range. When water hits the earth it can change depending on what it comes in contact with. RO water has a pH of about 7.

Rainwater would not work in an Alkaline water machine. RO water doesn’t either. The reason: Pure water will not conduct electricity! So the devices used to make Alkaline water needs particles that it can use to do its thing! 

The trouble with that is that some of those particles are not good to begin with!

In earlier newsletters we have discussed the fact that when Chlorine touches anything dissolved in the water it changes them into Trihalomethanes, Haloacetic Acids, Bromate and Chlorite which are considered dangerous to the body. 

So the manufacturer of these Alkaline producing machines was using this to knock the RO water and I feel it was not because of the water itself but because of the need for the water to have particles that would allow its electrical charge to work! RO water is GOOD PURE WATER!

More on Alkalinity

So many things we consider normal today are acidic conditions! Allergies, hypersensitivity, acid reflux, lactic acid, and I could go on and on. 

Alkaline balance in the body is a no lose situation. Our physical bodies came out of an alkaline ocean environment and our enzymatic, immunologic, and repair mechanisms all function their best in an alkaline environment. 

As we age we begin to see the effects of living in a constant chronic, low-grade metabolic acidosis. This contributes to many health problems like loss of bone minerals, loss of muscle mass and reduction in growth hormones. Lack of energy and things like kidneys stones are all promoted by this acidic state.

With so many Acid foods it is no wonder that Alkaline water has become popular. An example is long-chain fatty oils produce acids when metabolized. The best solution is to eliminate the acids from out diets, and eat foods that help restore alkalinity and an an alkaline state in the body.

Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is key to restoring the Alkaline balance. So diet and foods we eat should be the primary way we start to restore health to our bodies. Restoration of a Alkaline state is essential to the regeneration of bone health, a strong healthy immune system and overall well-being! 

Another forgotten way of creating alkalinity in the body is to drink a little Baking soda! it was an old remedy to handle stomach acids! Way before the over the counter purple pills!

One that is strange but proven over hundreds of years is Vinegar. In fact Hippocrates the father of modern medicine in 400 BC used it for many remedies. Vinegar even though slightly acidic YIELDS an alkaline state in the body. This Yielding of Alkaline state could be the source of Vinegars magic.

For more in depth information regarding Alkaline water watch the videos below!

A great Alternative to high priced Alkaline Water Machines!

For those who would like to try or change to alkaline water and do not want to go through the high price of getting a machine and or don’t want Alkaline water with contaminants. And don’t or don’t like the taste of Vinegar!

We have filter cartridges that can be placed after your RO water system. You get clean pure water from the RO that then passes through a cartridge with some natural elements that will Alkaline your water to about 9.5 pH. 

The cartridges are not cheap but compared to High priced machines… they are the best alternative! Good ones run about $80.00 and need to be changed from 4 to 6 months. Still cheaper than a $4000.00 Water Ionizer that needs contaminants to work! The alternatives as listed above are great ways to get the Alkaline effect.

Call if you would like to try one!


Dennis O’Brien

The good Water Guy