With natural aroma oils that produces fresh fragrances, Aroma Sense can uplift your mood, relieve temporary stress and help with relaxation.

  • Generating Negative Ions

With our innovative triangle spray plate hole, Aroma Sense shower head is able to generate up to 421,000 negative ions/cc (equivalent to a waterfall) through the Lenard effect to help revitalize your mind and body.

  • Chlorine Removal

The chemical structure of Vitamin C has the ability to react with the chlorine that is contained in the water, creating a non-harmful mild hydrochloric acid, which then provides a mild acidic clean water that is ideal for your hair and skin development.

  • Water Conservation

Aroma Sense has been designed with innovative triangular holes in the shower head plate which has been proved to conserve water by approximately 25% . These triangular spray holes not only conserve water but also provide optimized water pressure about 1.5 times more than a well branded shower head.