Q. How do I schedule a free water test?

That’s simple. just CLICK HERE and fill out the form or you can contact us at 915-321-3820 Ext.1

Q. How much will a system cost?

Good water treatment usually costs only about 1/3 of what it saves you! This savings becomes obvious immediately! The Purity Bay unit is unique in that it has wider protection and greater savings. 

Q.What kind of systems do we sell?

We can tailor make a unit for you! For homes we recommend the PURITY BAY Multi-staged processing equipment.It is the best designed and most economical unit that is designed for today’s complicated water!

Q.What can a Purity Bay water system do for me and my family?

  • Purer, more delicious drinking water instantly on tap, zero calories and refreshing.
  • Sparkling ice, tastier drinks, aromatic coffees, expresso and teas. (25% savings too)
  • Faster Cooking, cleaning and preparation of healthier better looking foods and meals.
  • No High Bottled Water bills. No Plastic bottle to trip over, No lifting, spilling or back strains.
  • No plastic bottle chemicals contaminating by your family, tons of landfill and toxic gases eliminated.
  • No more wasting 17 Million barrels of oil or 5x the water to make and transport plastic bottles.
  • Purer Water on tap for pets, plants, fish tanks, even your steam iron, humidifiers and car.
  • Younger, healthier looking skin. Cleaner, possibly healthier pores and scalp.
  • Softer, shinier, more manageable hair. Less Itch, flakes and scalp or need for irritating chemicals.
  • Relaxing, Natural and luxurious showers, and bubble baths for mom, dad and kids.
  • Faster Fuller HOT showers when good water keeps your new water heater and fixtures clear.
  • Softer, cleaner water and soaps touching your family’s skin, hair and clothing.
  • Better rinsing of hair, skin, bedding, clothes, and home leaving less chemical additives residue.
  • 50 – 90% savings on special moisturizers, skin care, astringents and conditioners.
  • Cleaner, more naturally sparkling kitchen, glassware, silverware and dishware.
  • Precious metals, rings, silverware shine without harsh cleaners eating them away.
  • Longer lasting dishwashers, coffee makers, and mixers. No chemicals or gloves needed to clean them.
  • Cleaner healthier meal areas for your family, guests and even pets. Helps the planet too!
  • Extra Money to pay other bills. Up to 90% savings on soap cleaning products.
  • Valuable TIME re-channeled to your family weekly, and away from hard water cleaning chores.
  • INCREASING VALUE of property improvement (system and protected home) as costs soar.
  • Sparkling glass dishes, ceramics, countertops, tiles, windows, fixtures chrome and stainless steel.
  • Longer lasting appliances, porcelain, linoleum, tiles, ceramics, and clear glass and countertop surfaces
  • Self-cleaning bathroom tubs, shower doors, porcelain and metals, less spots, pits and stains.
  • Savings of 30-70% on replacing/fixing fixtures, dishwasher jets, faucets from pitting or scale clogs.
  • Savings of 50% to 75% or more on harsh chemical detergents.
  • Thousands of dollars a year, REDIRECTED to work FOR you, not against you.
  • UP to EIGHTY (80) hours per year personal time saved from harsh cleaning chores.
  • Lower dry cleaning bills. Wetter water (less surface tension) can use gentler soaps for cleaning.
  • Less Rocky, abrasive water means shirts, blouses, slacks and jeans stay newer looking longer.
  • Longer lasting towels, sheets, socks, undergarments, and fabrics. Studies show 33-50% savings.
  • Less lint and savings from broken clothes. Savings on Energy from clogged lint traps in dryer.
  • Savings of 50-90% on Water softening additives, liquids, sprays, detergents and dryer sheets.
  • Savings of 50-70% on replacement of water heaters, scaled pipes, clogged pumps, jets and fixtures.
  • Savings on Energy from water heating (up to 30%) by eliminating rock that wastes energy.
  • PIECE OF MIND! You’ve helped the planet, saved money and pampered your family!

Q.What kind of office solutions do we offer?

The Good Water Guy offers office and commercial water solutions ranging from on the counter water and Ice dispensers to larger 50 gallon per day hot and cold water and ice dispensers.

Q.My skin feels like the soap doesn’t come off….

This is the feeling of your natural oils coming to the surface. You can do a taste test and you will notice that you just taste water and skin!

Q.When does my system need cleaning and does it clean itself?

Purity Bay systems are D.I.R. That means DEMAND – INITIATED – REGENERATION. (cleaning) So it cleans on demand. The demand is based on settings we program into the head so that the system will clean itself only when needed. The system will clean itself automatically at 2am.

Q.How much salt should I use?

Since your system cleans itself on demand it is hard to offer a real pinpoint answer on this. But we recommend that you monitor the salt and find your systems rhythm based on your families use. We also recommend that you keep the salt level in the Brine tank at about 1/3 to ½ and no more! The reason for this is that the salt will tend to harden at the upper level of the water level that is automatically filled by the computer causing what we call a SALT BRIDGE. This will not allow the salt to go down resulting in NO REGENERATION.

Q.What kind of salt?

We only recommend the SALT CRYSTAL or SOLAR SALT for use in the Purity Bay system. But you can use pellets on occasion if you don’t find Crystals. Your system can also use Potassium. Potassium is way more expensive though.

Q.How often do I need to replace my drinking system filters?

Filters should be replaced no later than 18 months. Sooner if the taste changes. The reason we can extend the life is that the Purity System is doing the heavy lifting. Some clients replace them every 12 months. The MEMBRANE needs to be changed every 6 yrs. Your system has 4 replacement filters and the MEMBRANE.

Q.What are the service charges if my system fails or needs to be checked?

Your Purity Bay System has a Limited Lifetime Warranty. You will have a copy attached further back in this book. The Drinking System has a 5 Yr. Warranty. You will also find a copy of that in this book. If you have an issue that requires a service call a Standard Trip Charge will be assessed after you have the unit for one year.

The good Water Guys are the Authorized Warranty and Service Providers for the PURITY BAY system.

Q.Do I need to do anything to the big unit?

The biggest thing to do is to insure that the unit always has SALT! Other than that you may want to occasionally check the time and change it during the seasonal Daylight changes. This so that the system will continue to clean itself during the hours that you are asleep. We set it to clean itself at 2am. The system has a backup battery that needs to be replaced every few years.

Q.I feel a loss of pressure what should I do?

With your Purity Bay system we added a bypass valve that can be turned so that the water flowing into the home is no longer going through the unit. If the pressure goes up the trouble is in your unit. Check the salt level and if none add salt and put it back into service and press the regeneration button and let it clean itself. If the problem continues put the unit into bypass and call us!

Q.Do I need to do any changes to the setting of the computer head of the PURITY BAY unit?

We set the computer to clean itself based on the Water Hardness, plus also how long to rinse and flush. Those setting stay resident in the computer even if the electricity goes out. So all you need to do is set the time if you have a power failure. Otherwise it will be fine. Should the water quality or hardness change and changes are recommended, The Good Water Guys will help you with that information and make those suggestions.

Q.How do I get more soaps?

If you have received a SOAP package with your system purchase, the process is that we sign you up with the company. They send you the activation information and you can order soaps using up the value that we purchased or set aside for you which is 3 yearly packs of soaps. You need to order the soaps. After you get your first years supply you will need to wait until the anniversary to get the second yearly pack and so on.If you need more of any of the soaps you can order them directly from the company. We recommend that you buy it with your own money to protect the value packs.

You can call and get any questions answered at Go 360 Healthy Living at: 1-800-458-7627.

The Good Water Guy also stocks some of the soaps that you can purchase from them and avoid delays in shipping or shipping costs.

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