Pure Water Hydration Station

Non-bottled purified drinking water systems.

Hydration Stations that make drinking water a pleasure while providing good tasting water without smells or floaties!


Commercial rated water dispensers.

*Some of our units are dual source units. UNITS can be used with a bottled source for remote areas where water is not available or hooked to a water source. They come with filtration that not only purifies the water it makes it delicious to drink!

 We have several different units:

  • Dual source Dispensers that are perfect for satellite field offices that can be hooked up to a water source or use 5 gallon bottles if no water source is available. These units are also filtered so they produce great tasting, pure water on demand with no limit! Great for break rooms, waiting rooms, training rooms, satellite offices, man caves, patios! These units have an on board ICE MACHINE, and deliver HOT WATER TOO!
  • We also have 50 or 100 gallon per day REVERSE OSMOSIS UNITS that deliver purified water all day long! 
  • ICE and MINI-FRIDGE models. Available with Hot and Cold or Cold and Room Temperature!
  • And for those groups that need to fill water for service field techs we can build a system that will service and fill as many 5 gallon jugs as you need! These LARGE GROUP Hydration Stations are built for on-site hub locations or can be made portable! 


  • Units are commercial rated so they last longer.
  • Good looking.
  • No more need for more than one device.
  • Counter Top of Freestanding Models.

*We can also provide you with a special spigot for filling your coffee jugs without spilling any water!