This is going to be a strange topic for me to write about… Most of the homes I visit are incredibly clean… so it isn’t about how well you clean your home! Strange because my clients usually suspect themselves or feel I may question their cleaning habits! 

The pink or dark ring that forms in your toilet bowl and even in your pet dish has a name and a solution.

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A COMMON PROBLEM and YOU MAY NOT BE EXPERIENCING any PINK stuff in your toilet bowl! I have only been asked about this about 3 times out of 1000 systems!

What is it?
The technical name for this harmless growth is Serratia Marcescens. Serratia is an airborne, very common non-infectious bacteria that lives abundantly in the environment. 

People with water treatment systems other than simple softeners may remove chlorine as part of the protection they offer for showering or drinking water. However, a toilet bowl or long standing water can create a perfect environment for those little airborne devils to land in and grow. They can’t grow in chlorine water. 

I found a great article on this subject here: Town of Cary Water Bulletin

Where does it come from?
The environment that we live is full of harmless airborne bacteria and other small living organisms. When they find a place to grow they do! With air quality in our new more modern homes with little or inadequate ventilation to protect against heat loss and energy savings, and our older homes with decay and other issues it is not unusual for things to float in the air.

New construction, and blowing dust can give these little critters some momentum and travel!

Does it come from my water?
Many water filters and water conditioners and processors like your Purity Bay Water System remove chlorine. Multi-stage units give great water! So my opinion is NO! 
What can be done about it? 

The solution is Simple:

Here are some simple solutions to getting rid of that as a condition if it ever happens in your home.

Once your toilet bowl has some of this pink stuff growing it can continue to regrow after the usual cleaning is done… to completely eliminate it from not growing back but it is possible and not that difficult.

It is as simple as drop of a chlorine tablets to the toilet bowl tank. They are cheap and easy as a solution…  Or you can add a 1/4 cup of bleach to the tank about once a month and it will handle it! EASY isn’t it!

OR a solution with much more effort, is you can put your Water Processor in bypass and flush each toilet a few times and run your faucets for a few minutes. This will fill the toilet tanks and bowl with city water that has chlorine.

Circulate good air into the home often. (Ask us about air filtration!)

I hope this helps… IT IS NEVER MY INTENTION that you accept everything I say as gospel… you can verify much of what I write by doing some research on your… and you can always count it as my opinion! 

Many times I do research and it leads me into interesting places and sometimes I find opposing viewpoints on the same subject. But after a good diligent review the subject becomes clear and a solution is offered.

Your Purity Bay system is a unique and powerful system that gives you great water. The tradeoff is that the toilet bowl may become a breeding ground from natural things floating in the air! -Dennis