Water on Planet Earth


A planet 75% covered in water. However, 97% of the water is saltwater, which means that only 3% of all this water is fresh. From that 3%, 2/3rds of that is frozen and only 1% is available.

Now! Using technology developed by NASA, our explorers to new worlds, comes part of the solution.

 Water best recycles through natural carbon. But making it last – in space?

So NASA developed special long-term hygienic silver impregnated carbon and Purity Bay uses this technology as part of it’s multi-stage process. Nature’s own purity processes have been further enhanced through KDF-carbon and Hi-capacity resins to inhibit bacteria, reduced chemicals, sulfur, iron, hardness, rock, metals and lead.

Your Purity Bay System Includes This!

Water is part of everything on earth that touches your family and home. Shouldn’t it be the best?

 TODAY’S Complicated Water Requires TODAY’S Technology!

For homes we use and recommend Purity Bay water softening and water processing. It is the best designed best built multi-staged processing equipment. Lifetime Warranty too!
FULL HOME water softening or water treatment for as little as $69 month!
HOWEVER, we can install and service ANY system. Call for a free in home educational session. Then you decide on what best fits your family! The ultimate decision you need to make is: WHAT KIND OF WATER DO I WANT COMING OUT OF MY TAP?