Understanding the Power of the Water from your Purity Bay System and cleaning solutions.

Cleaning Your Home Can Be Creating a Toxic Environment, and wasting soaps too!
Water is the most amazing cleaner! As you have seen with your system it isn’t what you put into the water… it is what you take out!

Your Purity Bay System gives you incredible water that you can use as the main ingredient in your cleaning concentrate mixtures. OR JUST USE WATER!

Let us begin with some information about the soaps we find in our local store.

Many of the name brand cleaners we use in our home are made from petroleum-based chemicals. The more you clean your home, the unhealthier it may be getting, because of toxicity of the cleaners or their chemical reactions.
Many of these popular commercial cleaning products contain dangerous chemicals that are not listed on the label. The manufacturer does not have to list in its label any ingredient that is considered part of their secret formula, many of these secret ingredients are toxic and carcinogenic. Dioxins are just one toxic byproduct that can be found in commercial soaps. This is a potential source of Environmental Toxicity!

Even if the cleaning product label says it is “GREEN” or “ECO Friendly” it may still contain some strange and seriously bad chemicals.

If you want to reduce or limit your exposure you can use products that are plant based. Natural organic based soaps are made from plant oils butters and herbal extracts. Or you can use the following to clean most anything without worry about over-exposure to harmful chemicals. And you can save money in the process! Even VODKA believe it or not is a great cleaner and odor eliminator… Use it to replace the spray deodorizer on furniture and rooms. Just put it in a spray bottle and have fun.

I find that it can become a habit to use to much soaps or to fall into the trap of considering soaps and chemicals as the solution.

Here are some other things that can be used:

⦁ Baking soda 
⦁ Vinegar 
⦁ Hydrogen peroxide 
⦁ Borax 
⦁ Liquid castile soap (note this is not a brand but a type of soap that you can actually make at home) 
⦁ Vodka 

Baking Soda:

Use Baking Soda like you use your regular bleached powder cleaner. Use it in the tub on counters and even in a bath. Sprinkle it on a surface and spray some of your Purity Bay System good water on the top and use a micro fiber cloth and you will be surprised how nice it cleans. You can also add some essential oils drops to it if you want a good aromatic smell. Lavender and other essential oils serve as a good antibacterial.

Baking Soda is also A Good Drain Cleaner:

Mixing Baking soda with apple cider vinegar creates a bubbly concoction that will not only clean your drain but will remove some of those smells you get from the drain and garbage disposal. As a drain cleaner, sprinkle a few table spoons of baking soda down the drain then add apple cider vinegar and let it bubble for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with hot water. This is a safer alternative to dangerous drain cleaners.

Baking soda and apple cider make a wonderful spa-like bath for soaking away aches and pains and detoxification of your skin. Baking soda can also be used as a fabric softener in your laundry.

Baking soda and good water can also be used to polish silver, instead of using toxic silver polish, fill you’re a large bowl or kitchen sink with hot water from your system, add a sheet of aluminum foil and a few table spoons of baking soda, and let the silver pieces soak until clean. This is an easy and safe way to clean silver.


Vinegar can clean almost anything in your house; you can add liquid castile soap, essential oil (optional), and filtered water, then clean floors, windows, bath, kitchen, etc. Vinegar can also be used as a fabric softener. Never use dryer sheets — they are toxic too. In the laundry, use vinegar in the wash cycle to prevent fabrics from fading.

Commercial window cleaners contain butyl cellosolve — a toxic ingredient that is not listed on the labels, so vinegar and GOOD water from your Purity Bay Water processing system is much safer and you get a cleaner streak free glass or stainless steel fridge, stove or dishwasher surface. Use a micro fabric cloth, not a newspaper, which contains toxic dyes. Or just use water!

Borax is a good laundry booster and cleaner (it can even remove mold) — and is safe and non-toxic.

Hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant, and is safer to use than chlorine bleach for disinfecting and whitening. Lemon juice is also a natural whitener.

Liquid Castile Soaps can be found in health food stores and are safer than commercial liquid cleaning products. You can actually make some in your own home if you wanted to.

Organic essential oils may be used in homemade cleaning products depending on your personal preference and tolerance to these scents. Never use synthetic fragrances or air cleaners.

Commercial fabric refreshers also contain dangerous chemicals therefore, use vodka in spray bottle to freshen up chairs and upholstery. The vodka is cheaper, non-toxic and the alcohol evaporates, and is not harmful. The alcohol in hand sanitizers is considered by some as harmful, however, and should not be used on children since the alcohol absorbs into your body via your skin. Therefore, use only hand sanitizers that are plant based from the health food store, or just good old soap and water.

Making your own natural cleaning products can be rewarding and can be fun, and you can use the natural scents that you prefer while ensuring that your home is safe from dangerous chemicals that are harmful to you, and your family’s, health. But who has time?

Just Water putting pure water from your Purity Bay System in a spray bottle works wonders on Glass, Stainless Steel, Mirrors… Streakless TOO!

You will be amazed at how easy it is to clean even carpet stains with just good water and a cheap bar of soap. Spray the area of the stain liberally with water and rub a very small amount of soap on the wet stain. Using your fingers or an old toothbrush rub the stain and spray more water to clean the stain. You should notice lot’s of suds and the stain fading away as it dissolves with your good water and soap. Then lift the suds and stain with a paper towel or cloth and watch the stain lift!


The water from your Purity Bay system is so powerful and able to dissolve dirt that you don’t need much soap anyway. IT ISN’T WHAT YOU PUT INTO THE WATER! It is what you take out!

LESS IS BEST when it comes to soaps and good water. If you are using commercial soaps you can cut the amount in half usually. If you are using the soaps from one of our suppliers then make sure you are following the instructions. You will see a difference!

By doing this you will be creating a cleaner environment in your home not just the surfaces but also the Air Quality too!

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