Salt or Potassium?

First let me say that your Purity Bay system will work fine with either Salt or Potassium.

We recommend Salt over Potassium because of the following reasons:

  • Salt is a better cleaner.
  • Salt is more readily available and is cheaper.
  • Salt is least likely to Bridge or become solid!

Salt is up to 40% better a cleaner for your water system.

Remember: The Unit cleans your Water – The Salt cleans your System! We also don’t recommend any special salts. NO SYSTEM SAVER Salts nor do we Recommend Pellets. Just a simple Salt Crystal of any brand. Will work on your Purity Bay system.

Some people worry about the Salt content in the water. They worry that too much salt in the water can contribute to health issues expecially if on a salt restricted diet. As I researched information for this I found much confusion on that too! 

But the best way to look at this is that Purity Bay clients recieved a free RO system when they purchased their Purity Bay System and that takes out any risidual salts whether POTASSIUM or Regular Salt so it makes really no difference if you are using your RO for drinking and Cooking. 

It has also been studied heavily and it is said that you get more natural salt in a glass of milk than you would find residual in a glass of water from the tap from a standard softener.

The only way that you get more salt in the water is if your system is not set correctly or you have a problem with either the setting or the control head. And even here the RO system would eliminate it from your drinking water.

Salt and Potassium are naturally occuring in the environment but Salt is more plentiful so it is cheaper, usually one 1/3 the cost of Potassium

What about my plants?

Some people are worried about salt water and their plants. I have many people that I visit and their lawns and flower beds are beautiful. 

In fact I had Chris Vogul from Longhorn Pest Control visit one day to add some fertilizer to our yard and he indicated that those people that he visits that have water systems have better looking lawns.

I had to revisit this so I studied and found that good water will percolate better into the soil. So it makes sense to me.

I have a great looking lawn and I don’t even put my system into bypass.

But for those of you that may want to insure no damange to your plants or for plain peace of mind… Use the potassium salts during the summer or watering times and see if it makes a difference.

OR use the BY-Pass valve to insure you are getting only city water. Don’t forget to put your system back in service after you do a watering or you will be bathing in the old stuff!

We can service most any other system out there!

Purity Bay System pic 5600 biege cover 2This is a picture of our most popular 5 stage system. This one was installed over 5 years back! Still working great too!

What is Salt or Potassium Bridge?

Salt Bridging is a condition where the salt or potassium has hardened like a rock in the tank and it can keep the system from working. It is not easy to break up either! And can result in a trip charge to correct it.

To avoid this we always recommend that you keep the salt or potassium level below the water within the brine tank. This is done by not filling the tank with too much salt or potassium. The water level is set to fill only to a certain level. Keep the salt level below that and you should avoid any bridging.

What About my Aquarium?

I personally have a 45 Gallon Aquarium and I use the water right out of my system. I have had no problems with my fish. I don’t have to use special conditioning chemicals and the tank stays cleaner longer. Some recommend only RO water in Aquariums. We say check with your local fish supplier. Need an RO for your aquarium… we can do that too!    -Dennis