Believe it or not this 2 ounce container will keep away the odor for 1-2 years if used properly!

Stinky Dishwasher? Stinky Washing Machine


Just about every household has a “high efficiency” Washing Machine and a Dishwasher that can harbor bad odors and bio-contaminants as a result of everyday use. Bio-Contaminants such as Fungi & Yeasts are typically what produces the bad odors you smell around these appliances. However, there are numerous other bacteria that can be of significant numbers to allow these appliances to literally stink. Soiling from clothing, towels, and a plethora of other washable items amid low temperatures and mixed loads of wash can be spreading dangerous bugs in your Washing Machines.

High soil loads in drains and filter, higher humidity, organic and inorganic nutrients, short dish washing cycles all contribute to bio-fouling in ALL dishwashers. Many people feel that the detergents used rid these appliances of potential harmful contaminants. This is not the case! There have been numerous studies on Biofilm in Washing Machines and Dishwashers. Unhealthy Washing Machines and Dishwashers can put your family’s health at risk. These appliances offer extreme conditions that suit pathogenic foul smelling fungus growth.

How To use!

Note: After you complete the Ahh-Some Bio-Cleaning “Purge” you may notice an odor permeating the appliance drum, seal or cavity. This is Normal. When disrupting Biofilm formations a not so pleasant odor may be distinguishable. Not to worry, after your next regular use of the appliance using your regular detergent, this odor will disappear.