Twin Tanks

Single Tank or Twin Tanks?

Twin Tank

When it comes to softening some companies push a 2 tank or TWIN TANK softening system for homes, mostly to be impressive and or to feed their service department with larger service bills in the future.

What is the benefit to twin tanks? Is it what I need in my home?

Any service department would say twin tanks will make them more money! Everything gets more expensive on the service side. The heads and replacement parts are costlier and when doing a re-bed it is twice the materials and more time.

Twin tank systems were designed for applications like 24 Hour Restaurants, Car Washes and other special needs places where they can’t allow for any delay in getting soft water. The idea is that water flows through one tank while the other cleans or regenerates and then sits waiting to be put in service when the other tank needs to regenerate itself. The special head and or controller switches from one tank to the other so soft water is always available.

The single tank system also needs to clean or regenerate itself and this process is usually done when it won’t need to deliver good water. The Twin tank seller will tell you that if your system runs out of capacity it won’t regenerate until the scheduled time after it reaches capacity (usually 2am) and during that time you may experience hard water.

To give you a better idea, let’s say that your system reaches capacity after the morning showers. The unit would then clean itself at 2 am the next morning, leaving those hours in between allowing hard water to flow into the home.

To avoid that most single tank systems have a reserve capacity that insures you have good water without interruption during its cycle even if it has reached its capacity.

The 2am regeneration time is usually set so that your system regenerates itself while you are sleeping. This is usually an adjustable time for those who have special schedules.

So for most family homes one tank is more than adequate if it is properly sized for the home and the water demand, and if it is properly adjusted for reserve capacity and cleaning. In the longer run it is less expensive to operate and to repair. A one tank system takes up much less space too!

The twin tank system has its place: Restaurants, Car Washes, Large Motels, Hospitals and other places where water can be flowing and being used at any time during a 24-hour period.

 Then there are the mutli-tank multimedia units. One tank may hold totally different media for a specific reason. But the above information is about a single or twin tank SOFTENING system.

Commercial Softening and Filtration

Need a unit? Just give us the specs. We'll take care of the rest!

Commercial Systems Main 2


We service:

  • Motels
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Cooling Towers
  • Air Conditioner Scale Prevention
  • Water Features, Fountains, Ponds
  • Equipment protection
  • Produce Sprayers
  • Pure water Dispensing and Ice Machines
  • UV Protection
  • Salt or NON-SALT Systems
  • Scale Reduction
We provide:
  • Sales
  • Maintenance
  • Repair Services and Monitoring
  • Scale Reduction Systems

Pure Water Hydration Station

Non-bottled purified drinking water systems.
STARTING AT ONLY $42.00/Per Month

Wate ice despensers FINAL


Hydration Stations that make drinking water a pleasure while providing good tasting water without smells or floaties!


Commercial rated water dispensers.

*Some of our units are dual source units. UNITS can be used with a bottled source for remote areas where water is not available or hooked to a water source. They come with filtration that not only purifies the water it makes it delicious to drink!

 We have several different units:

  • Dual source Dispensers that are perfect for satellite field offices that can be hooked up to a water source or use 5 gallon bottles if no water source is available. These units are also filtered so they produce great tasting, pure water on demand with no limit! Great for break rooms, waiting rooms, training rooms, satellite offices, man caves, patios! These units have an on board ICE MACHINE, and deliver HOT WATER TOO!
  • For our clients that demand the purist water! We also have 50 or 100 gallon per day REVERSE OSMOSIS UNITS that deliver purified water all day long! 
  • Available with Hot and Cold or Cold and Room Temperature! ICE and MINI-FRIDGE models.
  • And for those groups that need to fill water for service field techs we can build a system that will service and fill as many 5 gallon jugs as you need! These LARGE GROUP Hydration Stations are built for on-site hub locations or can be made portable! 


  • Units are commercial rated so they last longer.
  • Good looking.
  • No more need for more than one device.
  • Counter Top of Free Standing Models.

*We can also provide you with a special spigot for filling your coffee jugs without spilling any water!


Systems to Avoid

Most any water technician will tell you that something is better than nothing, but there are definitely some systems to avoid.   The ultimate decision to use in deciding on a system, is WHAT QUALITY OF WATER DO I WANT COMING INTO MY HOME!  Better equipment in the long run will give you better water. One of my favorite quotes:   “The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory.”

1. Proprietary Systems:   These systems may be built well but are made to generate income for the Dealer because you can’t buy parts anywhere else.   Sometimes even within the same geographical area.  The protected territories don’t protect the consumer only the business.    This becomes an issue if the dealer closes shop, you don’t like the dealer or other various issues.  You can usually buy some of these systems a bit cheaper but in the long run you may end up paying way beyond the norm for services or repairs.

2. Softener Only Systems:   Softener technology has progressed and so have the contaminants in the water.   The biggest trouble with Softener only units is that Chlorine lowers the life of the resins so the life is reduced significantly.   We need to be willing to learn about what is in the water, and treat the water.   A conditioning system with carbon will protect the resins and also remove many other things from the water.

3. Non-Salt Systems:   These units depending on the type of unit may not give you adequate softening.   Some systems claim to be NON-SALT but use potassium.  Potassium is so much more expensive.   See the article on this site; Salt vs Non Salt.  Note: if you are adding Potassium you can switch to salt!  Multi staged units are great in that you can tailor the system to better handle the water.  It also gives you better water.

4. NON-DIR Systems:   DIR stands for Demand Initiated Regeneration.   In some areas of the country non-DIR systems are actually illegal to use where you have a cesspool or septic draining system.  Systems that use a timer or mechanical valves are not recommended.  They don’t clean themselves according to the demand or condition of the water.   The best systems use a programmable head that allows for adjustments based on the water.  This becomes an added benefit because your system can be fine-tuned or adjusted giving you the best most efficient operation.

5. On-Line Systems   Water treatment systems purchased on-line may look good but may not deliver the exact needs for your area or your home.  Warranty work becomes costly and the adjustments needed may never be done so you get poor performance from the equipment and that can lead to premature failure.

To get the best possible water it is still best to use a reputable dealer who understands water and water filtration systems.   You can always ask for referrals from their customer base.  

Salt Vs Non Salt

I had a client ask me about non-salt systems... I thought you may have some of the same questions. What is the difference? Do they Work? Are they really softeners?

The internet if full of information (or misinformation) and nice pictures with great promises of bliss from non-salt water softening devices. Magnets, Filtration systems, cartridges. All promising soft water without the use of salt! Some of the other promises are no to low maintenance. No need for salt. Less costly.

I don't know of a reputable company that wouldn't love to have a system that didn't require the client having to carry bags of salt! Unfortunately the non-salt systems are not able to soften the water! That is a scientific fact. They don't soften the water PERIOD!

What do they do? Well they suspend the particles in the water in a way that they don't stick but even that is not a complete fact. This they use to claim softening and less spots.

Some systems claim a CHELATION effect of the particles in the water. I call this the M&M effect. What it means is that some of the particles in the water get coated with a material that keeps the materials from sticking to the pipes so long as the coating remains or even takes place. This coating will allow the materials to flow longer but they are still in the water. The process although considered safe could have some strange potential risks.

Magnetic devices only work while the water is flowing. Once the water stops flowing the particles can lose their electrical charge and stick. Here too the materials are still in the water.

If you look at the literature that is buried deep in the back pages of their websites or in the disclosures that come with the units you will find some version of the following TRUTHS.


Some NON-SALT systems require the use of Potassium (a type of salt) for regeneration. More expensive too! Systems like the one we recommend, a Purity Bay System can use either salt or potassium.

Some of this non salt technology does have its place. Commercial applications like commercial boilers, water heaters, cooling towers and so on. Places where the quality of the water is not important and the water is flowing all the time as in the magnet type devices.

Even though they don't require salt to clean themselves they do require media replacement and or replenishment. This can happen quicker than you think and is not part of any of the warranties. The materials or media for some of these systems are not cheap. Like buying a new one every 1 to 5 years. 

The beads or media is wearing away and the minimal effectiveness is progressively diminishing and the water progressively gets worse and worse. The damage from the hard water bleed through begins sometimes without warning.

And it isn’t like a light bulb that burns out and you know it has failed. If the material needs to be replaced every 5 years then each year you have lost a minimum of 20% of the efficiency, by the 4th year you are down to 80% decrease in effectiveness if it even lasts that long! 

These systems also don't remove as much from the water as a modern day processor like the one you can own from PURITY BAY! Heavy metals, arsenic and other materials are not impacted or stopped by some of these devices. Chlorine is not removed unless you add a separate filter. If you are in the market for a water softening or purifying devise then you should consider a Purity Bay Unit.

If you have a PURITY BAY SYSTEM you have the best possible solution for the water coming into your home right now! You were very wise to invest in your water processing system. 

If you were to compare the benefits and costs over a 5 year period (their usual warranty)... You will find that the Purity Bay system is much, much more cost effective! And WAY-WAY better protection!