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Thank you so much! For the past six years, since I returned to El Paso, Texas, I had a pure water system installed by Purity Bay people and your superb service has not failed me. I am a school Administrator and though I have long working hours and most the time I get home late, I never worry about my filters, membranes and/or even remembering to place the salt into my system since you call me to make sure my days are set with the pure water I need. I can always count on you. When my tank was leaking recently, your service provider The Good Water Guy quickly came, analyzed and simply REPLACED a $6000.00 unit at no cost to me. You are so awesome! Everyone should have the opportunity to deal with a service provider like you. You are indeed The GOOD (Should be GREAT) Water Guy. A special thank you to the gentleman Dennis of The Good Water Guy. He makes it a point to call and/or stop by to check that the new system is working well and/or to make any adjustment necessary to give my family that pure special water taste. The best part about both your companies is your SERVICE! I have recommended you to my family and friends. I know that they too will be as happy as you have made me. Again, a toast to you...(with the best water in El Paso!) Thank you!
Posted By: Alfonso J.
We have purchased the Purity Bay water filter system and it has done wonderful things for our family: • Our water is softer, • Water boils and heats faster (we had to turn our water heater temperature down), • clothes are softer and easier to iron, • We use less soap, shampoo and conditioner, which in turn saves us money, • Our son’s eczema is better (no red skin), • Towels are softer and nicer to use, • We now have peace of mind that our water is protected from harsh chemicals. If nothing else, it’s just plain nice to have “bottled” water running out of our faucet. So far the system has been great and we are hoping to save money and better our health with it.
Posted By: William and Galina M.
I write this letter in sincere thanks to your water purification system. My wife of 6 years has had a somewhat annoying and severe skin condition that causes her to use much skin softeners, conditioners, moisturizers and other ointments in order for her to relieve the symptoms of dry, itchy and irritated skin and scalp. The shampoo’s that are sold on the store shelves don’t really help her condition. Since the installation of your water system, I am proud to say that her need for these numerous and expensive ointments and creams has ended. Her skin is rapidly healing and the natural oils in her body are now working as normal. The sediments and other minerals found in our water during your initial test were the sole cause of her skin condition. I must also include that the initial savings that I’m beginning to see in the soaps and detergents is also becoming a big improvement, not to mention the costs of bottled water that we’ve made for years. Your system has not only virtually eliminated my wife’s skin condition, but is also saving us money and will continue to save us money for years to come. In addition to all of this, the coffee’s and teas that my wife and our guests drink taste much better. And finally, my dog Daisy thanks you. She went from a bowl of water a day to 3 or 4 bowls of water a day. Again, I must thank you once more for this incredible system. Your representatives and managers that I met in the process were all very courteous and professional in their demeanor. I hope my friends and family all take part in this tremendous opportunity for better water in the house. It’s well worth it!
Posted By: Jason M.L.

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