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My father has built houses for over 40 years and he has assured me that a water processor is an
essential addition to a healthy home (and it adds to the resale value). I know for a fact that we made
the right decision when we purchased our Purity Bay water processor. My only regret is that we didn’t
do it sooner.
Posted By: Gary A.
El Paso –West Side Resident, El Paso Texas
Our Purity Bay system has not only virtually eliminated my wife’s skin condition, but is also saving
us money and will continue to save us money for years to come. In addition to all of this, the coffees
and teas that my wife and our guests drink taste much better. And finally, my dog Daisy thanks you. She
went from a bowl of water a day to 3 or 4 bowls of water a day. Again, I must thank you once more for
this incredible system”
Posted By: Jason L
El Paso East Side Resident, El Paso Texas
BEST SHOWER I have ever had!
Posted By: Dr. Jose - West Side
West Side Resident, El Paso Texas
I can’t believe the savings! I have only had my system for 2 days and I can already tell the difference
in my budget
Posted By: JG
East-Side Resident, El Paso Texas
Next to my custom home this is the best investment our family has ever made.
Posted By: Gilbert M East-Side
East-Side of El Paso, El Paso Tx.
We would like to continually express our pleasure in regards to the service quality that we have consistently received from Purity Bay, LLc for the past four years. We have always appreciated the quick response that we get from Dennis O'Brien and the way that he goes out of his way to make sure we are taken care of with this product. We recommend this product to military families and families alike based up on the satisfaction that he provides us every time. Owners of Purity Bay product since 2008!!!
Posted By: The V. Family
I have to say that the filtration system you installed made a world of difference not only in the taste, but the way we cook as well. The water tastes so clean that we no longer buy bottled water. We only use water from the filtration system to cook with because it heats faster and I don't have those nasty chemicals in my water anymore. I mean my soups taste better and even my kids Kool-Aid tastes great! I also wanted to say you were so professional in the way you walked me through every step of the process and took the time to explain everything to me so that I could easily understand. I want to thank you very much for everything.
Posted By: Victor A.
My water system has done amazing things for my family. I must say it is one of our most worthy investments ever. When we first let this stranger come into our brand new home to test our water for free, my husband and I (like any other skeptics) were very skeptical. But as he went along with his demonstrations and comparisons to the city water, we slowly were letting our guards down. Before we moved to Texas we lived in Oklahoma, where our youngest son was born. At a couple of months old, our son slowly developed some skin irritations. It got so bad it was all over his face, back, chest, arms and legs. They were thicken red, watery patches that were not getting any better. We had taken him to several doctors, who started prescribing mild steroids that eventually led to very strong medications. They would work for a day or two, but the rashes or patches would come back even worse. The doctors could not pinpoint whether my son had Psoriasis or Eczema. It was a daily routine for our family to go and fill our water bottles at the water machines. We would fill ten gallons a day. The filtered water was only used to sterilize his bottles and his baths, but it never helped. So when this man was showing us pictures of other testimonies of similar skin issues, we were hooked. Still not completely sure, we were sold just so that we may actually cure our son's skin problem. As my God as my witness, within a couple of weeks, my son's skin was healing. Within a month, his skin was free and clear of anything! There was not a single sign that he had any skin problem at all. In addition to great tasting water, healthy and shiny hair, this water system has cleared my son's skin until this very day. I can't thank you enough. I usually do not open my door to anyone, and Dennis O'Brien can testify to that, but I thank God we opened our door to your company. Everything that was demonstrated to us that evening is true to this day. Not only is your product the best out there, your customer service is superior as well. If I am not happy, Mr. O'Brien made sure that he did everything he could to change that. Nowadays, companies just don't that anymore. Best investment ever! Thank-you guys at the Good Water Guy!!! Thank you!
Posted By: Mary F.
Much like the majority of humanity, I was skeptical of buying a water processor before I witnessed its advantages for myself. It wasn’t for a lack of being educated on its positive effects. Rather it was a question of weighing the cost versus the functionality. Luckily, the gentleman that brought these advantages to my attention also showed me the negative effects that my hard water was leaving behind. We never noticed the lack of soap suds in out children’s bath water until after our Purity Bay water processor was installed. In fact, we always assumed such bubble displays only existed on TV because they weren’t possible in real life. Since we’ve had our water processor, our children (and, I must admit, myself) experienced the joys of true bubble baths. As an added benefit, we no longer have to worry about the grimy film that collects on the surface of the water and made them feel dirtier than when they first got in the bath. Part of the Purity Bay demonstration was to prove that less soap would be needed for things such as cleaning, bathing, and washing clothes. I can attest to the fact that I can use less than half the bodywash soap that I used to use and an equally reduced amount of cleaning chemical. The part I’m having a hard time putting into practice is the laundry soap. It’s not because I’m cynical. It’s only because I wouldn’t know how to tell the difference. My wife commented on the softer feel of the sheets, but I’m not as tuned into my senses as she it. By far the greatest improvement to our household has been the confidence in our water. By this I mean that we feel assured that our health will benefit from the change. Our appliances will no longer suffer the wear-and-tear of the brutal ingredients of the hard water. Clothes will last longer and the detergents required to clean them will share in the longevity. It is no longer necessary to buy cases of water or water filter pitchers when we have a self-sustaining “filter” for the entire house. My father has built houses for over 40 years and he has assured me that a water processor is an essential addition to a healthy home (and it adds to the resale value). I know for a fact that we made the right decision when we purchased our Purity Bay water processor. My only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner.
Posted By: Gary A.
My husband and I recently purchased a new home. The development area is very new and located quite a ways from most of El Paso. The desert is my backyard. I have been a resident of El Paso for several years, and knew the water quality was low. It wasn’t until a Purity Bay representative came and performed a water quality test was I aware of how low the quality was. Rocks, sediments, chlorine… the list goes on. I had always considered tap water to be ok for drinking since I was a kid. My own children drink it, though we filter it using just the basic water pitcher or faucet filters you can find at the store. I can’t believe how much stuff is in the water that’s supposed to be safe for my family. I had to do something. The day after the quality test was performed at my home, I was having the Home Water Processing System installed in my house. Great Fast and Friendly service! I cannot believe the difference the purity of the water provides. The drinking water tastes great, especially because of the reverse osmosis system installed under my sink. Extra filtration that provides wonderful water that my kids can drink right from the faucet. I am already saving money, just 2 days after install! The soaps, shampoos, and even lotions I have been using for years work 100 times better just from changing the quality of the water I use. I only have to use a third of what I usually use and get so much more suds and cleansing that I have …. Well EVER. I never realized the difference the quality of water had on so many things. It never occurred to me that the soaps that I used when I was a kid didn’t stop working, they didn’t change, it was the quality of the water I was using with them that made them seem useless and out dated. I am going to save hundreds of dollars a year just on the soaps alone. The Home Water Processing System and Reverse Osmosis system are GREAT! I am recommending them to everyone I know, and especially my family. The water in my home is purer than some bottled waters. I will never have to worry that the water coming out of my faucets is making me or my family sick. Purity Bay is a great company, and everyone I have dealt with have been so nice and helpful. I definitely will continue to use Purity Bay for all my water filtration needs and encourage my friends and family to do the same.
Posted By: Jessica G.

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