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   WAIVER: Pure Water - Pure Air Inc.  DBA "The Good Water Guy", its staff, dealers and affiliates make no general or specific health or performance claims of any kind. Regardless what occasional contributing writers post on blogs or social media sites this disclaimer applies. Certain technologies are known to do certain things but no one system does all things for all situations. Readers are advised to do their own research for all matters and not rely on this or any one site or adviser.  Studies exist at www.WQA.org. and TWQA.ORG.  Pure Water - Pure Air Inc DBA "The Good Water Guy" makes no claims about your specific water composition, or quality or about any specific solution, savings or benefits. Proper individual testing, evaluation, equipment selection, installation, maintenance and upgrades are required. Plus water and usages change. Pure Water - Pure Air Inc. DBA "The Good Water Guy" does not state or imply that any local utility falls short in state or federal standards in addressing general health or water concerns. On the contrary, we claim they do heroic jobs given limited resources and increasing demand on a limited resource that is being polluted more each day. Actual industry positions and studies on savings, benefits, performance, general water conditions and industry codes are available at www. WQA.org or www.TWQA.org.  Avoid mistakes.   Study your annual utility reports; ask to see TWQA and WQA Certifications from anyone advising you. Plus do your own research at www.WQA.org or TWQA.org.