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To provide the Best Possible Water Filtration and Water softening Products and services, Products and Services that help people have a more secure and healthy life.  And to be the largest and best Water Filtration Supply and Service Company in West Texas and New Mexico, staffed by Caring, Ethical and Responsible, Reps and Technicians that are Happy and Hardworking so that we are profitable.  To be known and trusted as THE GOOD WATER GUYS!



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We know water systems!   Years of field experience and constant training from some of Americas most advanced water treatment component makers give us the advantage that insures your system will be working to peak performance.


WE DON’T JUST replace parts.  We make sure that the parts are functioning correctly and that the control heads are properly set for the water you have coming into the home.


This gives you:

• Better Quality Water output from equipment.

• More efficient operation by being correctly calibrated.

• Reliable replacement parts factory direct only when needed.

• Friendly explanation of needs and work so you feel secure.

Quality Reliable Service from Caring Ethical Technicians 7 days a week!



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FREE water hardness tests.

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We can work on MOST water systems!

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Need water softening or water conditioning equipment replaced? NO PROBLEM. FINANCING AVAILABLE! Whole HOME systems for as little as $59 a month!


For homes we use and recommend  Purity Bay water softening and water processing.  It is the best designed best built multi-staged processing equipment.  Lifetime Warranty too!   FULL HOME water softening or water treatment for as little as $59 month!  Call for a free in home educational session.  Then you decide on what best fits  your family!   The ultimate decision you need to make is:  WHAT KIND OF WATER DO I WANT COMING OUT OF MY TAP!


It pays for itself!


The money we spend every day to endure “broken water” is many times the cost to fix it.  The damages to plumbing, appliances, tiles, glass and cost of chemicals to clean away the rock and pollution, is THREE TIMES what a system would cost to fix the problem for good.   Ask our clients and they will tell you that a good WATER FILTRATION system saves them so much that it pays for itself and even leaves extra money left over to help pay off their other credit bills as well!  The savings is immediate!   Good water turns expense money into investment dollars!  STOP SPENDING and START SAVING!


Expense or Investment?


Each month we spend hundreds of dollars as EXPENSE money to deal with the effects of hard water from our taps.

• Hard water spot removal chemicals

• Bottled water,

• Higher energy costs,

• More lotions, and

• More soaps to name just a few.

 This is wasted money that can be invested in a whole home water softening, water conditioning, or water processing system.  Check out this study:  The Battelle Institute Final Report


Although the study and summary are quite long and interesting the message is clear that GOOD water SAVES you hundreds of dollars a year, protects your home in many ways and stops the WASTE of your hard earned money!


Stop Wasting Your MONEY!  INVEST IT!  The RETURN on your INVESTMENT will amaze you.  Most of our clients claim an average of 3 to 1!  Sounds unreal but its true!  Schedule a free evaluation and see if what your WASTE and or INVESTMENT potential are!  You are already spending the money on the Expense side of the ledger, move it over into the investment side and reap the benefits!


Salt vs Non-salt softeners?


The Internet is full of confusing information and nice pictures with great promises of bliss from non-salt systems.  Do they work?  Is a non-salt system what a family needs?

The following article gives more insight on salt vs non-salt water systems. (Click here to read article)


Life of a water softener


Many people ask me "What is the life of a water softener”?

The answer is one that can be difficult to answer based on many different factors that can play a part in the life or lack of life in any system. Most quality softener resins were designed to last up to 25 years. Our experience in the field shows that resins can fail much faster. We had one client that had a fairly good quality unit fail within 4 months with no warranty on the resin! (Resins are of course the inside material of a softener.)

...For more information (Click here to read article)


Benefits to life with higher quality water


Water touches every part of our lives from health, to cleanliness, to rejuvenation of energy, to enjoyment of what we eat and drink, to the care of everything we own.  You would be amazed at how many things we can benefit from just using purified clean water.  Some of the benefits and recommendations for water filtration are outlined here in the President's Cancer Panel





We now offer Ice machines for home and office.   We can handle any size ice machine and pride ourselves in being able to provide CHEWABLE ICE.  Chewable ice is smaller and easy to chew.  The process of making chewable ice is unique and the best systems for this are made by Follett!  The series 7 unit dispenses water and ice.  Check out this video.



UV Disinfection systems


Great For Well Water!  Viqua just happens to be the best! and let me tell you why.  VIQUA is a global leading brand for residential and light commercial water purification systems, making tap water safe for millions of people around the world.  Their Sterilight and UVMAX ultraviolet water filtration systems are in over 100 countries, with over 600,000 installations, protecting your family, your home, and commercial ventures, such as: restaurants, hospitals, schools, hotels, offices, coffee shops, and more.  Click Here for more information.

Authorized Service and Warranty Technician for Purity Bay Systems!

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